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#AYN2K Dance Studio Edition

What's In The book?

Chapters Include;

Booking A Venue

You've Found A Venue, What Next?

What Do I Need To Know And Consider?

Who Do I Need And What Do They Do?


Useful Stage And Backstage Terminology


Plugging In And Controlling The Lighting

Lighting Terminology

Lighting Your Show

Taping A Stage

Using Lighting To Create A Look Or Effects

Information For The Lighting Designer


Playback Systems

How To Supply And Label The Music If Using Computer

File Format Information


Making A Fade Out Edit In Audacity

How To Make A QLab Workspace




Radio Microphones

Things To Be Aware Of When Using Radio Mics

Make A Microphone Plan

What Is A Sound Number 2?

Pre Recording The Backing Vocals


Format, Ratio And Resolution

Stock Video / Photos

Pyrotechnics And Other Visual Effects


Stage Geography

How To Call A Show

Before The Show - Backstage Calls

Calling The Show

Copyright - PPL / PRS

Theatre Etiquette



Child Licensing

Risk Assessment

Final Show Checklist

Online Extras

Available as a printed book and in eBook (Epub) formats.

"An incredible, informative book, really well written. Having produced dance shows for 20 year and having a background in tech - I still learnt things. Even if you're new to the technical elements of putting on a show, or just want to learn a better way of working, or lighting your work - you need this book! Every dance teacher should have this book."


Sarah Gittens (The Dance Den)

Please note that this website shop doesn't support Kindle, 'Mobi' files, so if you would like it in Kindle (Mobi) format, buy the epub version and add a note when checking out that you would like it for a Kindle and you will be mailed a Mobi format version free of charge.
This comprehensive, but user friendly guide has been written to help the dance studio or school owner get the most out of putting on their shows in a professional venue.
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