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SFX Sample Pack Vol1 - General SFX

The first in a series of WW Audio SFX Sample Packs. This is Volume 1 - General SFX and contains 90 high quality, professional random, sometimes eclectic sound effects for your theatre or film projects.

Sounds include, Airbus A380 flying overhead, ancient well handle, audience applause, bar bell, bbq, fireworks, spooky walking with chains, various sound design elements, footsteps, various birds, wind and rain, motor bike starting and driving off, metal door unlocking and opening, police helicopter, radio interference, sledging, comedy farts and burps, various domestic foley sounds, footsteps and much more.

All files include Soundminer, ID3v2.3.0 and Riff Info metadata embedded into the files to make for easy searching in your database of choice.

Sold by: WW Audio

Category: Various

Type: General mixture 

Specs: 90 Files, approx 1GB • Includes metadata


Short preview soundscape, featuring sound files from the collection

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