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Festival Fireworks

Part of the WW Audio Mini SFX Series, for those who want a small amount of recordings of a particular theme, without having to buy large libraries, Festival Fireworks brings you many options when you need some quality firework sounds.

This mini library includes a complete fireworks display from a beach during a Spanish Festival. In addition to that, there are recordings from different perspectives – near, far, busy, occasional, with and without voices and external sounds. Everything when looking to add that bit of bang to your project.

​All files include Soundminer, ID3v2.3.0 and Riff Info metadata embedded into the files to make for easy searching in your database of choice.

Sold by: WW Audio

Category: City Life / Fire

Type: Fireworks Sound Effects / Recordings

Specs: 23 Files, approx 3.6GB • Includes metadata


Short preview soundscape, featuring sound files from the collection

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