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101 Ambiences Vol 2

Sold by: WW Audio

Category: Environments, City Life, World Sounds

Type: Ambient sound effects / recordings

Specs: 101 files - 24 bit / 96 KHz - 13.5 GB


This diverse library consists of 101 ambience recordings, both external and internal recordings from around Europe and the UK . It also includes a number of very useable room tone recordings. This library would be very useful in any film makers / sound designer’s toolbox.

The library features over 8 hours of audio and is over 13.5GB in size. Most of the recordings are 3 minutes or longer, to give you enough material for using within longer scenes.

Sounds include city, town and nature ambiences, ocean waves, crowds of people, church bells, various transport, both internal and external, fireworks, bars, various room tones and lots more.

All recordings are recorded at 24Bit/96KHz with full Soundminer, RIFF INFO & ID3v2.3.0 metadata embedded.

Short preview soundscape, featuring sound files from the collection

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