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Sold by: WW Audio

Category: Water

Type: Church Bells

Specs: 121 files - 24 bit / 96 KHz - 24 bit / 48KHz - 10.8GB


Water is a major part of our lives. Not only in the fact that a large percentage of our bodies are made of water, but it is all around us and this library brings you water, and lots of it.

The library includes 121 recordings, over 6 and a quarter hours of audio, is over 10 GB in size and features everything from ocean waves, lakes, streams, mountain waterfalls, taking a shower, going to the toilet, running a tap, heavy rain, light rain, hailstones plus a number of underwater recordings (made with a hydrophone) and much more, this would be a huge player in any sound designer’s toolbox.

The recordings are a mixture of 24Bit/96KHz and 24Bit/48KHz with full Soundminer, RIFF INFO & ID3v2.3.0 metadata embedded.

Short preview soundscape, featuring sound files from the collection

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