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Sound Editing For Choreography

Rates & More Info
Simple Edit

A simple edit to your music track can make a huge difference to your routine. Maybe you want to cut out a verse, maybe you want to fade it out before the end, maybe you need a track to fit a certain time limit, maybe you want to double the length of or get rid of the intro....Anything really, we can do it.

A simple edit like this will only cost you £15. 

Complex Editing

If you need us to do a bit more of a complex edit. If you want us to add tracks together, add hits, booms or accents, then that often takes a little while longer.

The first hour of editing is fixed at the discount price of £15 and then it's £30 per hour after that, but charged in 10 minute increments of £5 to keep the price down for you. So for example, if it takes us 1.5 hours to complete the edit, it will only cost £30. 

Obviously all projects are different, but feel free to contact us with your requirements or questions and we will quote as accurately as we can.

Creative Service

We also offer a special creative service. If you have a dance routine and

feel the music doesn't quite hit the spot, why not send us a video of your dance, plus a copy of the music and let our top sound designers customise your routines by adding effects, hits, booms accents and many other creative elements to compliment your choreography and to make your routine stand out from the crowd.

A standard length track is only £50. Contact us for more information.

Simple edit for just £15

Once you have made your initial enquiry, and are happy to proceed, send us your music and editing requests

We return it completed

If you are satisfied, brilliant, if not, we repeat until you are – simple

QLab Programming Service

Brand new service for Mac users. If you intend on using QLab to run your music in a show, but not sure how to program it, let us do it for you.

Using the free version, downloadable from the Figure 53 website, we can compile your show for you, then bundle it and email it to you to open on your Mac all ready to go. Just send us your music, and we send the QLab file back, plug your computer into the sound desk or your speakers and away you go

Only £35 for a normal length show (approx 1hr 15 each half). Available for QLab v3 or v4. For more details, just contact us.

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