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Field Recordings

In addition to creating sound designs / sound art / sound sfx etc, I love making longer recordings of the real world and all things within it. I like the idea of capturing a moment that will never happen again and to have an audio recording of it to listen to in years to come to see how the world changes. My plan is to release a series of Field Recording albums. These will be longer, unedited recordings of various different locations. There are currently 3 releases, all of which are available to listen to free and buy from my Bandcamp Site. Click here to go straight there, or click on the music players below to listen to the albums in full for free (or to buy if you would like!!)

This is the video footage of the above Mare e Rocce recording. Single click on it to play here, double click to open it in another window.

This is the location on Google Maps where the Mare e Rocce recording took place.

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