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Sound Editing For Choreography

Let us edit the music for all your choreography needs - Great quality. Great rates.
General Services

Making routines competition length
Editing and splicing
Sound FX
Making endings stronger
Hits, accents and slams
Mix / blend multiple songs
Cover up inappropriate language
Maximizing and levelling audio levels in the track
We can supply music in any format you require (advice given)


Have you finished choreographing and setting your piece but the music is still falling flat compared to the amazing performance the dancers are giving? Everything coming across as a little unexciting? Send us your song and a video of your dance and let us create exciting hits and accents to match your choreography!

Creative Services
Click here for rates and more info

Once you have made your initial enquiry, and are happy to proceed, send us your music and editing requests

We return it completed

f you are satisfied, brilliant, if not, we repeat until you are – simple

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